About Jay Tinsiano

My Story

As well as being a keen reader I love to travel. Recent trips have had me trekking around the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Europe while writing the Dark Paradigm and Dark Ops series.

The thriller / post-apocalyptic epic is a collaboration with Jay Newton. Initially, there will be four books for Dark Paradigm but more are being outlined. These lead up to a world-changing event, with the next half of the series being post-apocalyptic.

When I’m not travelling, I am based in Bristol, a small city in the South West of England.

I’m an avid reader and writer of fiction, specifically crime, dystopia and thrillers. I like to interweave my experiences of travelling into my fiction writing.

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‘JAY TINSIANO is a great new author and I can see him take off with this series building Frank Bowen into the ranks of Jason Bourne or Jack Reacher.’

– amazon reviewer