Dark Paradigm Series

Pale Road


In the wake of the ‘event’, Ed Howey struggles to secure food for his family.
Danger and fear are his constant companions during his frantic attempt to survive as society breaks down.

Pale Road is a short post-apocalyptic story.

White Horse

White Horse Conspiracy Thriller cover


Half a world away in Spain and running from his past, a Los Angeles gangster unwittingly takes a train that’s headed straight into a terrorist attack. He survives only to face an even deadlier threat.

Red Horse

Red Horse Thriller


A hacker's mission to find her missing father leads her into a deadly game of political intrigue and danger in this electrifying techno-thriller.

Black Horse

Black Horse Thriller


As the clock ticks down to a devastating world event, Zoe Bowen’s investigation into her partners' apparent suicide takes her down a dark, dangerous path.

Pale Horse

Black Horse Thriller Cover Reveal


The fourth in the Dark Paradigm series. Release date TBC.

The main protagonists, along with the rest of the world awake to a different reality. The war and struggle for freedom is only just beginning.