Red Horse

Red Horse Conspiracy Thriller cover
5.000″ x 8.000″ (203mm x 127mm)

Black & White: Groundwood

Paperback: Perfect Bound

Retail Pricing:
UK £12.99 , US $12.99, EURO 12.99,
CAN $19.99 CAN, AUS $19.99

No 2 in the Dark Paradigm series

Red Horse

A hacker’s mission to find her missing father leads her into a deadly game of political intrigue and danger in this electrifying techno-thriller.

Haleema Sheraz, a skilled cyber hacker for the Iranian government, receives devastating news: her father has disappeared without a trace. With the authorities dragging their feet, she takes matters into her own hands and uncovers a shocking conspiracy dating back to Operation Paperclip during World War II.

Meanwhile, her brothers have joined an ISIS-inspired uprising, plunging Iran into chaos and leaving Haleema no choice but to risk everything to save her family.

As the conflict escalates and the stakes grow higher, Haleema calls in old allies Joe Bowen and Hugo Reese to help in the desperate struggle for survival.

Red Horse is a pulse-pounding, action-packed thriller that is a must-read for fans of high-tech espionage and gripping suspense.