Join the Reading Group & Grab Three Thriller Shorts

Three Thriller Shorts from the pens of Jay Tinsiano and Jay Newton

Cross Wire

MI6 rookie Frank Bowen is tasked with following and monitoring a banker with terrorist connections. A simple lack of resources and a run in with two mysterious men with murder on their minds puts Frank’s life on the line.

Flight 313 (Dark Ops #1)

A group of men board flight 313 with the equipment and means to hijack the aircraft.
An air marshal who hasn’t seen action for years finds himself dealing with a group of terrorists.

It’s his chance to be a hero.

Except, nothing is as it seems.

A short military conspiracy thriller that will keep you guessing.

Pale Road

In the wake of the ‘event’, Ed Howey struggles to secure food for his family.
Danger and fear are his constant companions during his frantic attempt to survive as society breaks down.

Pale Road is a short post-apocalyptic story.

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