Dark Paradigm Series

The Flagship series spanning Conspiracy Thriller to Apocalyptic.

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Frank Bowen Series

Enter the humidity, feel the cold steel…

Frank Bowen is pulled into a conspiracy that will change his life forever
and throw him neck-deep into the dark world of espionage, murder and terrorism.

Dark Ops Series

The Dark Ops mini series takes place in the same world as Dark Paradigm focusing on covert ops unit: Ghost 13.

Bowen Thrillers

Cross Wire


Frank Bowen is tasked with following and monitoring a banker with terrorist connections. A simple lack of resources and a run in with two mysterious men with murder on their minds puts Frank within seconds of his own death.

False Flag


1991: A plan to destabilise Hong Kong is emerging; the key players are being put into place, the wheels are in motion and innocent people will die.

Frank Bowen is a Londoner on holiday in tropical Thailand. Half drunk and strapped for cash, he’s the perfect bait for a political plot that will leave him running for his life, with nowhere to turn.

Pandora Red


Frank Bowen’s mission is to find a GCHQ whistleblower but in doing so unwittingly risks everything, including his own family’s safety.

As part of a covert team, assigned to dangerous missions, Bowen believes he knows what he’s up against, until a team of Russian mercenaries are thrown into the mix, leaving everyone and everything hanging in the balance.

It’s a race against the clock to save all that he holds dear and uncover the dark truths behind his mission.

Ghost Order


Frank Bowen attempts to piece together a fractured life at home but finds himself pulled back into the dark state once again.

Only, this time, he’s playing both sides.

Hired by John Rhodes, founding father of the Liberatus movement, his mission is to escort a valuable asset to South America. Then the spectre of Carl Paterson emerges and Frank finds he has to work once again with his old agency, Ghost 13.

Later, in the depths of the Colombian Darien Gap jungle – swarming with narcos, paramilitary groups and bandits – Frank finds death and evil wait around every corner in the most inhospitable place on earth.

Bowen Box Set


Enter the humidity, feel the cold steel…

Frank Bowen is pulled into a conspiracy that will change his life forever
and throw him neck-deep into the dark world of espionage, murder and terrorism.

The first three thrillers in the Frank Bowen Conspiracy Thriller series collected in one gripping volume.: False Flag, Pandora Red and Ghost Order.

If you enjoy conspiracy, ruthless assassins, and nonstop action, then you’ll love the Frank Bowen series.

Dark Paradigm Thrillers

White Horse

White Horse Conspiracy Thriller cover


Half a world away in Spain and running from his past, a Los Angeles gangster unwittingly takes a train that’s headed straight into a terrorist attack. He survives only to face an even deadlier threat.

Red Horse

Red Horse Thriller


A hacker’s mission to find her missing father leads her into a deadly game of political intrigue and danger in this electrifying techno-thriller.

Black Horse

Black Horse Thriller


As the clock ticks down to a devastating world event, Zoe Bowen’s investigation into her partner’s apparent suicide takes her down a dark, dangerous path.

Pale Horse

Pale Horse


The fourth in the Dark Paradigm series. Release date TBC.

The main protagonists, along with the rest of the world awake to a different reality. The war and struggle for freedom is only just beginning.

Dark Ops Thrillers

Flight 313


A group of men board flight 313 with the equipment and means to hijack the aircraft.
An air marshal who hasn’t seen action for years finds himself dealing with a group of terrorists.
It’s his chance to be a hero.
Except, nothing is as it seems.
A short military conspiracy thriller that will keep you guessing.

War Dogs


As Ghost 13 begin to operate inside Iran, ex-SEALS Lieutenant Commander, Kurt Coleman comes up against an adversary that jolts him back to his first G13 op on the Syrian border. That experience left a bitter taste but the high-risk close combat missions are only just beginning.

War Lords


With Colonel Stark out of the loop, Captain Coleman and the rest of the Ghost 13 squad are briefed on a Daesh plan to hijack and steal an Iranian government convoy carrying enriched uranium.

The stakes are higher than ever as Iranian intelligence tracks the covert op inside their country.

War Gods


The Ghost 13 team plan to carry out the most complex covert op in their history but plans are made to fail.

Release date: TBC


Blood Tide


Detective Douglas Brown transferred to Hong Kong to forget his past and the dark memory that still haunts him; Richard Blythe.

Blythe, an explosives expert gone rogue, had previously terrorised London and outwitted Brown, leading to the deaths of countless innocents.

Now the detective’s worst fear has come true: Blythe free from prison to wreak havoc and lead Brown on a deadly cat and mouse game in the city of Hong Kong.

Blood Tide is a gripping terrorism thriller from Jay Tinsiano.

Blood Cull


A series of ritualistic killings.

A retired detective inspector desperate to save his wife.

A horrifying secret.

Detective Inspector Doug Brown has retired to Scotland, but when his wife falls ill, there is no choice but to take on a private contract offered by an old acquaintance.

Soon he finds himself on a dark path, tracking down a ritualist killer of affluent men, who has so far eluded the police.

But as the merciless killings continue, Doug is unknowingly getting closer to unveiling a sickening conspiracy.

Blood Cull is a slow burn page-turner from USA Today best-selling authors, Jay Tinsiano and Jay Newton, that will keep you on edge until the end.

Virus Vault


Deep underground in Antarctica lies the Virus Vault – a pandora’s box of the world’s most dangerous viruses and plagues.

Doctor Mira Heywood, is longing for her chance to leave the claustrophobic bunker but unforeseen events will soon shroud her in a new horrific reality.

Virus Vault is a short story.

Ark: Outbreak


A lethal mega-virus. A cruise ship in chaos. An unlikely saviour.

On a dream anniversary cruise with his wife Shelly, Craig Nicholls finds himself in the midst of anarchy as a deadly pandemic spreads across the globe.

On the luxurious Sapphire Star, many hundreds of passengers succumb to the deadly mega-virus, including the Captain, and as the crisis mounts, with nowhere to dock and an overwhelmed medical staff unable to cope, Craig witnesses society collapse in the face of chaos.

Craig crosses a brash Texan oilman with an army discharge record, who senses an opportunity to take control, using whatever means necessary.

Third Officer Balzan owes his glamorous career to his gangster roots. But the payback required will bring terror and probable death for Craig, Shelly and every survivor on the doomed ship.

Like it or not, Craig realises he’s the only hope to stem the on board outbreak, stop the Texan’s violent coup, and save the last survivors from the lethal threats of piracy and…

The worst virus humanity has ever known.


Pale Horse: Sample Chapter

Pale Horse: Sample Chapter

Pale Horse Sample Chapter from the Dark Paradigm series by Jay Tinsiano and Jay Newton. All Rights Reserved. Cache 5 Parque Nacional Sierra de las Nieves, Andalucia, Spain Day 1 It was the incessant sound of early morning birdsong close to where he was sleeping that...

Black Horse: Chapter 1

Black Horse: Chapter 1

Black Horse Chapter 1 from the Dark Paradigm series by Jay Tinsiano and Jay Newton. All Rights Reserved. Ed Flanagan had it all – the sleek Audi, the stylish apartment, and the six-figure salary. But behind his polished exterior, Ed was plagued by a gnawing sense that...

Red Horse: Sample Chapter

Red Horse: Sample Chapter

Red Horse Sample Chapter from the Dark Paradigm series by Jay Tinsiano and Jay Newton. All Rights Reserved. Secret location, Tehran, Iran. Haleema Sheraz tapped the keyboard function to kill the screen, swung around in her chair and stood up, yawning. She looked down...