July updates from the listening station

I have realised that although I keep my Twitter and Facebook pages fairly updated I neglect my blog. It’s bad but it’s the way it rolls when there’s multiple projects on the go. Anyway, am motivated to do an update.

So far this year I’ve been writing and helping set up the Dark Paradigm book imprint in Spain, Dominic Republic, Colombia and Portugal. I’m now back in the UK while I figure out my next move.

Onto business and exciting book stuff:

Pale Road.

Pale Road, a short post-apocalyptic story has been released!

It’s a short flash forward story set in the world of Dark Paradigm and is available wide.

Here are the details.


Red Horse.

The follow-up to White Horse has been a tough cookie to write. Again, I’m not producing the word count I need to be to make this a full-time career which is frustrating.

I’ll be the first to admit my big block is not a shortage of ideas but producing a consistent word count.

However, I met a guy on the Nomad Cruise in May who has created a nice piece of software called BlankPage. It helps motivation to reach those word targets and I highly recommend if you’re a writer.

I digress. Red Horse is coming together now and I’m hoping for a beta reading/editing stage in August.


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Happy reading!