updates from the listening station…

It’s been a while since I did any updates but there has been plenty happening, trust me.

Blood Tide is finally available across major ebook platforms, such as iBooks, Kobo and Nook as well as Amazon.

The follow up to False Flag, Pandora Red, was scheduled for release in September. The first draft has returned from the editor and after a series of discussions it became apparent that there would need to be some re-thinking on part of the story. So an additional ten or so scenes will be added which will improve the story no end and I’m more than happy to delay the launch to get this right. The cover is due back from The cover collection any day so that should spur me on.

In other news, myself and collaboration partner, Jay Newton, have spent the last 18 months planning timelining and outlining a series set in the same world as Frank Bowen ( with his off-spring as the main potaganists).


This will start off as a series of conspiracy thrillers, leading into a post-apocalytic scenerio. It’s exciting to see the hours of work come together, but the bulk of it is to come. News will leak as it happens..

I’ve also been a regular at our local writer’s meetup which has really helped with productivity. Having a regular session, alongside other determined writers works well.

For now though all eyes are on Pandora and I have writing to do…


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