Beta read screens

It’s been a while since I posted to this blog so here goes for a quick update to relieve the guilt, if nothing else. Mostly I post news on Instagram and Twitter, so follow me there for more frequent updates, if interested.

Black Horse Thriller
Dummy cover for Black Horse

Black Horse, the third book in the Thriller/Apocalyptic Dark Paradigm series by myself and Jay Newton is currently in beta read stage and we’ll be looking over that feedback later this month. The project has been pushed aside many times by other projects (Ghost Order, Blood Cull and Ark: Outbreak are the culprits) so it’s personally very satisfying to get it back on the horse, so to speak.

We’re also now doing the beats/rough outlining for Pale Horse, the follow up. This is the book I’ve wanted to get to for the whole series. Finally, we can write about the shit really hitting the fan and how all our characters; Joe Bowen, Hugo Reese, Haleema Shiraz, Zoe Bowen and others take to their new reality in different parts of the world.

Another consideration for this series are the covers. We’ve debated a complete overhaul to better define the series in the Thriller/Apocalyptic mould. Something to look out for, perhaps?

That’s the end of this transmission. Breaking news and updates are sent in my monthly reading group, so come join us there.