New Tinsiano HQ

Most of my writing days involve jumping from cafe to library and back again, continually trying to find the optimum writing space. Home is out as I don’t yet have a long-term place to live that comes close to making the grade. Some cafes are great, for a while  – until a loud group come in, the local posse of Mums with babies in tow or the barista glares over suggesting you need to order more stuff.

This is all fair enough. Cafes are, after all a place for social gathering and the owners have a business to run. Libraries should offer quiet solitude but are surprisingly loud nowadays too with plenty of their own distractions. All this leads the question – where the heck do I work and write?

So I decided to take the plunge by hiring a work desk at a local coworking space, Pithay Studios. Financially, it’s a stretch, budgets are tight but with all the money spent in cafes, I’m hoping it will at least partly pay for itself. Plus our publishing operation really does need some kind of HQ with a meeting room to hand to sketch out those plotlines and crazy ideas. A place to get lost in words and worlds.

Some cafes aren’t bad at all.

From the beginning of August, I’ll have a new writing den and I hope a more productive routine to get more books out faster. Keep your eyes peeled!

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