pandora_ebook_miniPandora Red came to into existence in July 2013, when an early edition of False Flag, the first Frank Bowen book, had just been published. A month earlier the Edward Snowden revelations had exploded onto the world’s media and the inspiration of where to take Frank on after his thriller ride in South-east Asia took hold. There were more than several options on the table for the follow up to False Flag, any one of which peeled away the onion skin of a greater conspiracy and connected the dots in the world of Frank Bowen.

But for now, in the very different world before 9/11, Bowen is sent to put the whistle blower, Sara Edwards under surveillance taking place in 1999. The revelations of Internet surveillance in Pandora Red may be 14 years before Edward Snowden but the concept of mass electronic surveillance was nevertheless an accelerating idea in the late 90’s as the web gained popularity.

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