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Dark Paradigm Series

The Flagship series spanning Conspiracy Thriller to Apocalyptic.

Dark Ops Series

The Dark Ops mini series takes place in the same world as Dark Paradigm focusing on covert ops unit: Ghost 13.

ARK: Outbreak

The world thought Coronavirus was bad…
They were very, very wrong!
A lethal mega-virus. A cruise ship in chaos. An unlikely saviour.

Bowen Thrillers

Cross Wire


Frank Bowen is tasked with following and monitoring a banker with terrorist connections. A simple lack of resources and a run in with two mysterious men with murder on their minds puts Frank within seconds of his own death.

False Flag


1991: A plan to destabilise Hong Kong is emerging; the key players are being put into place, the wheels are in motion and innocent people will die.

Frank Bowen is a Londoner on holiday in tropical Thailand. Half drunk and strapped for cash, he’s the perfect bait for a political plot that will leave him running for his life, with nowhere to turn.

Pandora Red


Frank Bowen’s mission is to find a GCHQ whistleblower but in doing so unwittingly risks everything, including his own family’s safety.

As part of a covert team, assigned to dangerous missions, Bowen believes he knows what he’s up against, until a team of Russian mercenaries are thrown into the mix, leaving everyone and everything hanging in the balance.

It’s a race against the clock to save all that he holds dear and uncover the dark truths behind his mission.

Ghost Order


Frank Bowen attempts to piece together a fractured life at home but finds himself pulled back into the dark state once again.

Only, this time, he’s playing both sides.

Hired by John Rhodes, founding father of the Liberatus movement, his mission is to escort a valuable asset to South America. Then the spectre of Carl Paterson emerges and Frank finds he has to work once again with his old agency, Ghost 13.

Later, in the depths of the Colombian Darien Gap jungle – swarming with narcos, paramilitary groups and bandits – Frank finds death and evil wait around every corner in the most inhospitable place on earth.

Bowen Box Set


The first in the Dark Paradigm series.

Half a world away in Spain and running from his past, a Los Angeles gangster unwittingly takes a train that’s headed straight into a terrorist attack. He survives only to face an even deadlier threat.

Dark Paradigm Thrillers

Pale Road


In the wake of the ‘event’, Ed Howey struggles to secure food for his family.
Danger and fear are his constant companions during his frantic attempt to survive as society breaks down.

Pale Road is a short post-apocalyptic story.

White Horse


Half a world away in Spain and running from his past, a Los Angeles gangster unwittingly takes a train that’s headed straight into a terrorist attack. He survives only to face an even deadlier threat.

On that same train: a virologist with clues to a deadly epidemic. Did his secrets die with him in the strike?

Raging in the aftermath, a foul-tempered police chief with a daughter caught in the attack thirsts for revenge. But against whom?

An orphan child without a name, disappears down a dark, illegal CIA mind-control programme. Now trained in the ways of death, he prepares to do his master’s twisted bidding.

Red Horse


Haleema Sheraz, a cyber hacker for the Iranian government, discovers her father has gone missing. Frustrated at the lack of urgency from the police, she investigates and soon reveals a kidnapping network that spans back to Operation Paperclip in World War II.
Meanwhile, her brothers join an ISIS-inspired uprising that is wreaking havoc inside Iran, and finding her father quickly becomes a mission to save her family.
Joe Bowen and Hugo Reese continue to prepare Liberatus for a wider global struggle and find themselves called to help one of their own secret assets; Sirus aka Haleema Sheraz.
Soon they will all be thrust into the battle zone and their lives will change irreversibly in this epic story of bitter struggle against the backdrop of total war.

Black Horse


Zoe Bowen, working at a corporate financial institution loses her boyfriend to a suspicious suicide. She soon unravels a financial conspiracy to cause a worldwide drought.

Pale Horse


The fourth in the Dark Paradigm series. Release date TBC.

The main protagonists, along with the rest of the world awake to a different reality. The war and struggle for freedom is only just beginning.

Dark Ops Thrillers

Flight 313


A group of men board flight 313 with the equipment and means to hijack the aircraft.
An air marshal who hasn’t seen action for years finds himself dealing with a group of terrorists.
It’s his chance to be a hero.
Except, nothing is as it seems.
A short military conspiracy thriller that will keep you guessing.

War Dogs


As Ghost 13 begin to operate inside Iran, ex-SEALS Lieutenant Commander, Kurt Coleman comes up against an adversary that jolts him back to his first G13 op on the Syrian border. That experience left a bitter taste but the high-risk close combat missions are only just beginning.

War Lords


With Colonel Stark out of the loop, Captain Coleman and the rest of the Ghost 13 squad are briefed on a Daesh plan to hijack and steal an Iranian government convoy carrying enriched uranium.

The stakes are higher than ever as Iranian intelligence tracks the covert op inside their country.

War Gods


The Ghost 13 team plan to carry out the most complex covert op in their history but plans are made to fail.

Release date: TBC


Ghost Order now on Audio

Ghost Order, the third Frank Bowen thriller has just been released on audio narrated by Chris MacDonnell, a leading British Actor and Voice Talent with 37 years experience and a winner of Audio File Magazine earphones awards March 2015. Available on Audible, Amazon...

Ghost Order Release

Ghost Order, the third in the Frank Bowen series was released today on eBook format across the main retailers and Paperback version is available on Amazon. We will be working to get the paperback version for the wider book market along with the audiobook out later...

Dark Paradigm Chapbook #7: Ghost Order

Dark Paradigm Chapbook #7 features Chapters 23-25 of Ghost Order. In the depths of the Colombian Darien Gap jungle, swarming with Narcos, Paramilitary groups and bandits, Frank and Nero soon find the constant threat of death and evil waits around every corner in the...